I interviewed Josiah Wrenn on January 13 in class. Wrenn is a Strategic Communications major with a minor in Digital Media Audio. This is his second year on campus, but he is a Junior by credit. Wrenn is from Lynchburg, but he was born in North Carolina.

Josiah Wrenn is seeking to become a young professional. Over Christmas, he bought two suits for himself, so that he can begin presenting himself in a professional manner.

Wrenn is looking forward to this new semester in school. He is stepping into a new major and is excited to see what opportunities God has in store for him.

“Musicians say streaming doesn’t pay. Can the industry change? “

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year, Nadine Shah, a British singer-songwriter, watched her money disappear almost instantly. This lead her to take a hard look at the economics of music streaming, which had become her only source of income…

Question 1: What happened?

There are a few steps to answering the question of “what happened” for a story.” The first step is to begin object construction using short sentences such as “Brewers beat Cubs,” or “University passes budget.” The simplicity of these short sentences surfaces the “who did what…

“Fauci, who opposed China travel ban and praised their transparency, criticizes Trump response.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser, formerly opposed the travel ban on China and praised China’s transparency on the pandemic. On Tuesday of this week, Dr. Fauci released a statement criticizing former President Donald…

“The islands that protect Germany from the North Sea”

The Halligen islands off the northern coast of Germany are home to some of the most fertile agricultural grounds in the country. Known for their large bird and plant populations, these islands are key natural resources. The islands are in danger…

“Republican candidate for Virginia governor makes stop in Lynchburg”

As documented by ABC 13 News, Glenn Youngkin is making a tour around the state of Virginia in preparation for his running for governor. Glenn is a republican and claims that his three decades of business experience will contribute strongly to…

Jonah Masson

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