What Makes Something News?

Today’s world is saturated with an abundance of stories. These stories can range anywhere from events within the political arena to a new dance trend started by a famous “TikToker.” This begs the question; which of these are just stories, and which can be classified as “news,” or is there even a difference?

Many times the word “news” can be associated with subjects like politics and international affairs, but what is the true meaning of this word?

Definitions of the word “news” as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary include, “a report of recent events,” “previously unknown information,” and “something having a specified influence or effect.” Using this definition, it seems clear that if a story includes recent information that was previously unknown to a particular party or individual, then it could be classified as news.

But doesn’t news have to be reported by a newspaper or news program? Well, judging by the nature of this definition, a couple of friends catching up on life could technically be called an exchange of news.

When is the last time that you used the phrase “news to me”? This phrase implies that news does not have to be given by a reporter or a TV broadcast. It can be a simple daily exchange of information.